Feb 05, 2021

Technical and Vocational Education and Training vital for social transformation and economic prosperity

22 Magh, 2077, Butwal

The 38th management conference of technical and vocational experts have stressed the need to take technical and vocational education and training (TVET) to new heights to address today’s education need with the demand of producing innovative, constructive and creative skilled technical human resource in the skills-driven world.

Educationists, policy actors, and Principals of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) made the call during the 38th Management Conference held recently at Butwal and Chitwan.

Addressing the conference, Member of the National Planning Commission (NPC), Dr. Usha Jha said she was amazed by the innovation and creation produced by the trainees while visualizing the skill demonstration in Korea Nepal Institute of Technology (KNIT) and emphasized the nation is looking for this sort of education where youths could be engaged in this kind of innovation through TVET.

She believes that TVET can only bring social transformation and economic prosperity but doubts the higher education in this mission.

“I request all 61 Principals, province directors and the management of CTEVT to develop a close link between the industry and institute to meet the demands of industries and expand the access of TVET in respective local communities and rural municipalities” urged member of NPC Dr. Jha.

She expressed her commitment to leave no stones unturned towards bringing the TVET act to strengthen the CTEVT.

Vice Chairperson of the CTEVT Khagendra Prasad Adhikari said that prosperous Nepal and happy Nepali is only possible through TVET. He highlighted his role will be to strengthen the CTEVT through the revision of the TVET act and work on the promotion of the staff for the quality and relevant TVET.

In his opening remarks, Member Secretary of CTEVT, Dr. Pushpa Raman Wagle said production of industry and nation is only possible through productive TVET.

“The vision of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ is only possible through the enhancement of skills of Nepali youths which need to be further integrated with employment opportunities.”

Dr. Wagle instructed all Principals and directors of CTEVT, and those in Province Offices to incorporate school-based enterprises to focus on the concept of “learn, earn and pay” to explore enterprises skill of trainees and build a soft skill for self-employment. “Improving the quality of technical education, and expanding TVET sector is what the country needs today to realize the objective of Prime Minister Employment Programme,” he underscored.

Director of Technical Division of the CTEVT, Akim Shrestha thanked the Principal of Korea Nepal Institute of Technology and an entire team of the school as well as the entire team of the Lumbini province for the outstanding arrangement and other Principals and Directors for their active participation and sharing of innovative ideas for the consolidation of CTEVT.

The four-day conference held from 19-22 Magh 2077 brought together all 61 Principals of different technical schools, Directors of CTEVT and Province Directors to present the strengths, challenges and the way forward for CTEVT. The conference was held in Chitwan for all the constituent school of province 1, 2 and Bagmati province and Butwal for the constituent school of Gandaki, Lumbini, Karnali and Sudurpaschim due to the COVID 19 to maintain the guideline of health safety. 

The 38th Management conference concluded with a 7 point declaration.