Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get admitted to CTEVT?

CTEVT has a yearly intake system and the admission applications are called after the publication of SLC/SEE result. Students required to select, apply and take entrance examination and sucessful candidates can get admitted to their desired institute.

2. What are the minimum requirements for admission for Diploma/Certificate program?

For Health Programs - GPA - 2 with C in Math, English and Science

For Engineering Programs -  Minimum C in Math and Science and D+ in English on SEE or GPA - 1.6 with on SEE in Technical Stream in related program

For Agriculture/Food and Dairy/Forestry Programs - Minimum C in  any two subject among Math, Science and English and D+ in any one or GPA - 1.6 with on SEE in Technical Stream in related program

For Hotel Management, Entrepreneurship Development and Social Work - D+ is Math, English and Science

3. Where should I apply the application?

You can drop your application form in your selected CTEVT constitute, TECS, affiliated and partnership.with your supporting required documents

4. Can I change the course/institute?

Course can be interchanged if curriculum matches and there is vacant seat in another course/institute.

5 How can I get transcript, certificates and migration?

Transcript, certificates and migration are distributed by Controller of Exmination of CTEVT. Graduates need to visit Sanothimi and submit the application form. Certificates are issued after 7 days of submission

7. How can I get equivalence certificate?

Equivalance certificates are issued by curriculum division of CTEVT. Graduates need to come at the division with attested supporting document  and get certificates.

8. What are the documents required for it?

Attested copy of citizenship and transcript

9. How can i get list of institute?

Visit our CTEVT mapping system to get list of institutes and programs under it.

10. What is the Fee structure of Diploma Programs

CTEVT has mentioned fee structures only for Nursing, General Medicine and Pharmacy and they are as 

SN Program Fee First Installment Second Third Comments
1 PCL in Nursing 4,75,000 40% 30% 30%

Without: Hotel and Fooding

With: Registration and Regular Examination Fee

2 PCL in General Medicine 4,04,000 40% 30% 30%
3 Diploma in Pharmacy 3,37,800 40% 30% 30%

11. What is the Registration and Exam Fee of Diploma Programs

Registration Fee is Rs. 2,500

Examination Fee is Rs 500 for students of contituent school and Rs 1000 for others